Special Report | Path of the Everyday Hero

Does your life seem successful, and yet sometimes you have a feeling that it could be more fulfilling? Or is your life working well for you, except in one specific area? Perhaps you ache inside for a meaningful relationship, or your work responsibilities threaten to destroy your personal life. Are you searching for a pursuit that makes life feel worthwhile?

Dane introduces the idea of creating your path based the journey of the Hero. The Path of the Everyday Hero taps into what Joseph Campbell identified as the “instructive power of myth.” By connecting the classic stories to five of life’s most important challenges, you will glean fresh insights for your own ‘hero’s journey.’ (This is an introduction to the complete course which is posted on the ZYGON Mind Power App.)


99% of the world is asleep. The 1% that is awake lives a constant state of total amazement. Find out how you can be part of the 1% club, and awaken your mind and life to whole new world of possibilities.

Episode 14 | Rags To Riches

Why are some people able to come back from devastating losses and make fortunes. People who don’t just have a set-back but who go through something that totally wipes them out. Is there something going on with the way certain people think (these rags to riches types) and how they approach life and their problems vs people who just crash and burn. Discover the story of one multi-millionaire who walked through a complete loss of everything and how he recovered from it and went on to create even more success.

SPECIAL REPORT | Mindscripting Secrets

Do our thoughts really help us create the reality we experience?  And if that is true, is it possible to hack into that inner mind system and re-wire it — changing our internal programming to make us into a super-star of success, attracting wealth and positive experiences like a magnet? Exactly how do we do that… hack into our mind and re-wire our subconscious autopilot to steer us toward a life of success. The secrets are revealed here.

SPECIAL REPORT | The Truth About Masks

Does wearing a mask prevent the spread of covid-19?

As truth-seekers we want to know the truth….. are masks effective at reducing the spread or not. What is the Truth (with a capital T) based on actual science without a political motive) And if it is not true that masks are effective at preventing the spread of the virus.., then what does that say about us as a society ACCEPTING the lie – and what should we do about it?

Episode 13 | Being a Mind Warrior

Understanding what it means to be a Mind Warrior. Embracing the 4 principals of what makes Mind Warriors different than “others.” At its highest level it is like operating as a Jedi knight. How to deal with the petty tyrants in your life. Feeling more alive and being able to tweak your intuition and operate at peak.  

Episode 12 | Creating Abundance

Open new doors of opportunity with an amazing mind technology called VISIONEERING. This simple 5-minute a day mind technology will give you an unlimited power to create massive abundance in your life. Here is just a glimpse of what you’ll discover… Why Being Smart May Actually Be a Hindrance To Creating Great Wealth * How The Law of Attraction Works on a Quantum Level * Re-Wiring Your Inner Mind Using The Zygon Mind Tools To Eliminate Self-Sabotage * How Synchronicity Works & Lets You Know You are On The Right Path * Knowing What You Want In Life * The Visioneering Protocol Workshop, and so much more.

SPECIAL REPORT | A Case of Paradigm Paralysis

In this short report Rob tells the story of a doctor testifying before a school board deciding on mask mandates for Fall ’21 students. What is interesting isn’t so much the scientific evidence presented by the experts supporting that masks don’t work, and are unnecessary for these children – its more about the school board’s mind-set. Didn’t matter what “scientific” evidence was presented as they had already made up their “collective mind”. No need to question authoritative directives that are “truth” in the face of counter-factual science. A perfect demonstration of Paradigm Paralysis.

SPECIAL REPORT | The Inspiring Story of Bill Porter

Bill Porter is one of those people who came into the world to give everyone a great life lesson. The lesson of gratitude. Born with cerebral palsy, as a child he had to endue constant harassment. Bill lived his life as a door-to-door salesman in Portland Oregon. He had to overcome difficult daily life challenges just to survive. Everyday, he went out there with a perseverance and a grace that reveals the human spirit at its best.

Rob tells this inspiring story, that give us all a moment to pause and reflect about our own life struggles and to recognize how precious and amazing it all is.

SPECIAL REPORT | A Monarch’s Journey

In this report Dane will share with you amazing story about the journey of an insect. The monarch butterfly. The annual migration of North America’s monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon. The monarch is the only butterfly known to make a two-way migration as birds do.

How is it possible for them to migrate as far as 3000 miles across North America, and know where to go? And even more bizarre – because it is such a long trip – the individuals that start the journey die of old age along the way, and it’s their children and then their children’s children that continue the trip. 4 generations to complete the migration. And they do this season after season. How do they know how to do that? Do they have some sort of built-in programming and GPS system mapped into their genetic code? And what does the amazing Monarch journey tell us our own human journey?

SPECIAL REPORT | The God Particle

A recent discovery so significant it will change everything we know about our universe – with the potential to unlock the power of unlimited energy, open a portal into other dimensions, journey though out the galaxy, even travel thru time, but its power is so tremendous that is could extinguish the known universe. It’s called the God Particle.

SPECIAL REPORT | The Elephant Whisperer

Rob shares the amazing story of Lawrence Anthony who saved a herd of wild Elephants on his preserve in South Africa and became connected in a profound way. After his sudden death from a heart attack, the elephants who were miles away sensed it and traveled 12 hours to his home to mourn him and stayed with him for 2 days. This is a story that will touch hearts and minds and uncover a deep truth about the connectedness of consciousness with all living things.

SPECIAL REPORT | The Hero’s Brain

What is it that make’s people altruistic, willing to face death in order to save others? Is this an innate quality of being a human being that we all possess? In this special report we examine the physiological and psychological aspects of what creates a “hero” and how these conditions are part of human evolution as we explore The Hero’s Brain.