Does wearing a mask prevent the spread of covid-19? As truth-seekers we want to know the truth….. are masks effective at reducing the spread or not. What is the Truth (with a capital T) based on actual science without a political motive) And if it is not true that masks are effective at preventing the spread of the virus.., then what does that say about us as a society ACCEPTING the lie – and what should we do about it?
Mind Warrior Podcast
Mind Warrior Podcast
Special Report | The Truth About Masks
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Adrian Vye
Adrian Vye
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane

I beg to differ as the mortality rate is far higher than it was before the pandemic. The virus is real…call it what you will.

2 years ago

The problem is, the people who’ve been deceived only double down when confronted with truth. It breaks my heart to see, because I have politely yet firmly stood so up for the last two years, and all I have gotten is hostility and anger aimed at me.

I’m exhausted and tired of being treated like I’m the problem, when it’s clear that the problem is our willingness to give up our rights.

We need more of us to stand up. Sadly, I know few who will.

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