Episode 5 – Dinner With Einstein

Imagine it is 1951, and you are invited to the Plaza Hotel in New York City to participate in a dinner interview with one of Earths most interesting geniuses. Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science, but what is little known is how his mind actually worked, his mental process, what he thought about (religion and politics) and the future of humanity. Join us for a fascinating “DINNER WITH EINSTEIN” and share in the discussion with history’s friendly genius and a true Mind Warrior.

Pathways to Higher Consciousness

The podcast goes back 27 years with an interview of Author Ken Keyes whose books Handbook to Higher Consciousness and the 100th Monkey which sold over 10 million copies. Ken was a giant in the personal growth industry who taught the power of love and how we are all damaged as children and how we can transform our lives with a simple and effective way of creating relaxed enjoyment in our lives.

Episode 2 – The Zygon Story

Rob Interviews Dane about Zygon’s beginnings and how the technology was discovered. The conversation leads to a discussion about how our minds are programmed and how to change your experience of reality by simply changing how you think. They talk about the future of Zygon and what’s in store for the members of the new streaming service.

Episode 3 – The Mind of John Lilly

John Lilly was the ultimate Mind Warrior. He was a scientist and researcher that formed the basis for the movies; “Altered States’ and ‘Day of the Dolphin’s’ A pioneer of mind technology and how to tap into the minds potential… his research led him into amazing discoveries that we will explore in this podcast.

Episode 1 – The Mission

This first podcast is a welcome to Zygon, for new members and an introduction into Zygon’s beginnings in 1986 along with the mission and each participants role in that mission. What is a ‘Mind Warrior’ and what it means to be one.