This first podcast is a welcome to Zygon, for new members and an introduction into Zygon’s beginnings in 1986 along with the mission and each participants role in that mission. What is a ‘Mind Warrior’ and what it means to be one.
Mind Warrior Podcast
Mind Warrior Podcast
Episode 1 | The Mission


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Dan Low
Dan Low
1 year ago

As a Warrior myself I strongly believe your Zygon program will help millions towards a better world.
We could join forces to launch WW3 of a New Kind to liberate mankind.

Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner
1 year ago

Hello Dane!

I have been waiting for Zygon to bring on the some new stuff!!

Loved the first episode. What a way to start 2021. I am so ready to experience a new reality. Unfortunately, my inner beliefs are still blocking my road to wealth. But, I KNOW that this can be altered.

2021 is going to be the best year of my life!!!

With gratitude,

I AM a Mind Warrior!

Jerral Miranda
Jerral Miranda
1 year ago

How do you become a mind warrior – can you purchase individual sessions?

720p izle
720p izle
1 year ago

Awesome post. Really looking forward to read more. Really Great. Harrietta Murdoch Eliot

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