Mind Warrior Podcast
Mind Warrior Podcast
Episode 2 | The Zygon Story - Part 1
Rob Interviews Dane about Zygon’s beginnings and how the technology was discovered. The conversation leads to a discussion about how our minds are programmed and how to change your experience of reality by simply changing how you think. They talk about the future of Zygon and what’s in store for the members of the new streaming service.


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Thanks, Rob and Dane I am so excited that Zygon is back! I used the learning machine the red flicker light put me in a trance. it was an amazing experience! I am happy I will be a member and use all your library workshops and books! I will use it daily in my life. thanks again Dane Spotts and Rob for doing this. you have no idea zygon helped me in the past it’s now 2021 using it again will be a life-changer. I love the stress zapper!

Last edited 5 months ago by Will

I start my day using the Zygon streaming app.
I end my day using the Zygon streaming app.
It is as simple as that.

p.s. I loved this podcast. It is packed with great information and has helped me to better understand what it has taken to get to this point in Zygon’s mission. Looking forward to the next podcast. Thank you Dane!!!!


Thanks Mary.

Mary Woodall

I just downloaded the Zygon app… I LOVED the ‘Mind Power Secrets’ workshop…I heard it on YouTube, a few years back and didn’t realize you had so much other content. Dane – your voice is so unique and soothing. Thanks so much for doing this. Keep it coming…

Joesph Vitale

I have been a Brain Supercharger user since the early 90’s, and my tapes are worn out. Glad to hear you are back. This stuff will change the world! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story and what happened to you guys.

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