Mind Warrior Podcast
Mind Warrior Podcast
Episode 11 | Paradigm Trap
In the Paradigm Trap – Rob and Dane discuss how reality is shaped by our belief systems and how to recognize it and shift it. They explore the current paradigm divide in the USA in a robust discussion of politics and the “new” vaccine paradigm, and how these paradigms are created by the ruling class as means to control and manipulate the behavior of the masses. Once someone becomes aware that their “truth” may not be THE TRUTH they are able to become free. A Mind Warrior is able though awareness to step outside the personal limitations created by that paradigm, and experience a new ‘open mind’ reality.


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Can you compare Trumpers or give insight. And you can tell me at my email if you would like He just seems bazaar.


False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is committed when one shared trait between two subjects is assumed to show equivalence, especially in order of magnitude, when equivalence is not necessarily the logical result.[2] False equivalence is a common result when an anecdotal similarity is pointed out as equal, but the claim of equivalence does not bear scrutiny because the similarity is based on oversimplification or ignorance of additional factors.


Ok, point taken but I thought it fit exactly. Comparing the Holocaust to vaccinations is a false equivalency.


I did.


I think to say that you didn’t compare the Holocaust to vaccinations is just mincing words. It was heavily implied (possibly just to get a reaction from people) if not explicitly said. I don’t think that 100% of people should be vaccinated – there are obviously medical reasons not to. To argue either side of the question requires coming from a belief system but to say that most people should be vaccinated is based on the best science available right now. Yes, that is a belief system and yes I was mildly triggered by what you said.


Good discussion. Thanks for engaging on the topic.

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