The Mind Warrior Project

With Dane Spotts & Rob Hopping

About The Show Hosts

The Mind Warrior Project podcast series was started by Dane Spotts and Rob Hopping who have been working together on Zygon and other projects for more than 30 years. They created dozens of new products, built a 50 million dollar a year publishing business that focuses on mind technology and personal development, and in 2020 decided to launch the new ZYGON app which is a platform for ZYGONs streaming products (Video, Audio, & the soon be announced reboot of the Learning Machine). This project is a work of passion and a dedication to the mission of the evolution of consciousness for all of Planet Earth.

Here is a comment from each about The Mind Warrior Project and what it means to them:


Once we realize how powerful our minds are and what we are capable of as human beings our true destiny will unfold. The Earth will get a new skin. I believe the human adventure is just beginning. – Dane

When I look into the eyes of people who are awake and on the path of becoming who they truly want to be, I see a beautiful future. The Mind Warrior ‘spirit’ lives in all of us, waiting to be unleased. – Rob