Mind Warrior Podcast
Mind Warrior Podcast
Episode 8 | Remote Viewing Secrets
In this special episode Rob and Dane talk about Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) the once top secret spy technology that Dane’s company PSI TECH ushered out of military intelligence in 1989. They get into a detailed discussion about how it works and how the mind is able to access all information remote in time and space and train civilians in this once coveted classified information collection technology.


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Edward D. Snow

I am blown away…this is even possible. I want to know more. Can you train me?

Joe Rollins

Dane (et All), I did this in the Air Force at Norton AFB several times for the OSI during the late 80’s, what a great experience.

Thank you for rebooting your audio and tutorial programs again. I was on Psy-Tech 10 years ago and look forward to signing up again now that everything is available for mobile devices.

Thank you!

Be blessed,

V. H.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I was inclined to think: that computer selection of an image file from a set of files no human has ever seen cannot drives the viewer to anything relevant. I read your answer couple times then I’ve seen things from a different perspective: that automatic selection it is just a link in a causality chain till the specific moment when the guy captured the image in that particular place. When I figured this idea in my minds eye I’ve seen a structure: clusters of information linked by causalities and possibilities in a continuous dynamic. It was beautiful, organic and alive…and let me speechless.

V. H.

Hi Dane,
I watched your podcast on TRV I found it interesting, intriguing, a valuable piece of knowledge (it is not easy to pick the right words). Somehow I always felt connected with that collective unconscious, but this is another topic.

So, for me it is not so hard to accept the connection that it is established between the target reference number, the cue from the envelope and the pattern of information from the collective unconscious. In other words, I could say when someone assign that TRN and place the cue into the envelope it creates a “link” with the pattern of information from the matrix.

But there is something that intrigues me as well. So I was thinking about a scenario, let say a guy walk with a digital camera for a month or so on difference places, it takes pictures but never looks on those pictures on the camera nor a computer. At some point the guy drop all those pictures into a computer and an algorithm pick a random photo, assign a random TRN, create a folder using that TRN and copy the selected picture into that folder. At this point the guy with the camera get that TRN from the computer but never looks at the selected picture nor any other picture from the entire set. Now it comes the question: if a remote viewer receive that TRN could him recover any relevant data from that picture/place?

Best wishes
and thanks for what you are doing these days


Hi Guys,

This was an incredibly informative podcast. Thank you so much for all of the background information that you have provided on TRV and your experiences over the years. I enjoyed every minute of the discussion and I am fascinated by the thought that we all can be trained to connect to the universe and access data. 
My question is, are you REALLY including this training in our membership?  If so, that is absolutely amazing and generous of you!!!!  You could be charging a whole lot of money for this. Already, the value that we are receiving with our Zygon membership is unlike anything I have ever seen.

In any case, I enjoyed this podcast and the two in Episode 4 – The Universe is Consciousness. I hope that everyone is finding time to tune into these. They are jam packed with information and interesting facts that are helping me to better understand the big picture. When I see a notice that a new podcast has been uploaded, I make myself a cup of tea and give you both my full attention. And I am never disappointed. The information is priceless. 

Thank you both for the time that you put into these.


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