Episode 6 – Remote Viewing Secrets

In this episode Rob and Dane discuss the top secret mind technology known as Technical Remote Viewing, and how Dane acquired PSI TECH the company that ushered it out of military intelligence in 1989 and adapted it to civilian applications. PSI TECH has trained over 28,000 in this skill and evolved the core protocols as a predictive intelligence tool for trading the stock market and sports betting. You learn never before released information about the true capabilities of mind, the future of this embryonic technology, and how it will change the future of mankind. Don’t miss this important episode.

Episode 5 – Dinner With Einstein

Imagine it is 1951, and you are invited to the Plaza Hotel in New York City to participate in a dinner interview with one of Earths most interesting geniuses. Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science, but what is little known is how his mind actually worked, his mental process, what he thought about (religion and politics) and the future of humanity. Join us for a fascinating “DINNER WITH EINSTEIN” and share in the discussion with history’s friendly genius and a true Mind Warrior.

Episode 4 – Path of a Mind Warrior

The podcast goes into what its like to live an authentic life filled with purpose, passion and awake-ness. What it means to be truly free, know your destiny, and live in a constant state of being fully alive and happy. A specific plan will be discussed on how Mind Warrior’s are able to break out from negative programming and no matter what life throws at them, come out on top.

Episode 3 – The Mind of John Lilly

John Lilly was the ultimate Mind Warrior. He was a scientist and researcher that formed the basis for the movies; “Altered States’ and ‘Day of the Dolphin’s’ A pioneer of mind technology and how to tap into the minds potential… his research led him into amazing discoveries that we will explore in this podcast.