Episode 5 | Remote Viewing Secrets

In this special episode Rob and Dane talk about Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) the once top secret spy technology that Dane’s company PSI TECH ushered out of military intelligence in 1989. They get into a detailed discussion about how it works and how the mind is able to access all information remote in time and space and train civilians in this once coveted classified information collection technology.

Episode 4 – Universe is Consciousness

Rob and Dane discuss the recent release of THE WAY OF A MIND WARRIOR and how the universe works with mind and human consciousness to attract the reality that you experience. This podcast goes deep and explores not only the universal LAW OF ATTRACTION but how all consciousness is connected and how you and the purpose of the universe are connected. This is a not to be missed episode that pulls in some big ideas that unite physics and religion.

Episode 3 – What’s Ahead

Rob the head of ZYGON Product Development discusses with Dane some of ZYGON’s much awaited new projects, what’s in the pipeline and the status of new app developments

Episode 2 – The Zygon Story

Rob Interviews Dane about Zygon’s beginnings and how the technology was discovered. The conversation leads to a discussion about how our minds are programmed and how to change your experience of reality by simply changing how you think. They talk about the future of Zygon and what’s in store for the members of the new streaming service.

Episode 1 – The Mission

This first podcast is a welcome to Zygon, for new members and an introduction into Zygon’s beginnings in 1986 along with the mission and each participants role in that mission. What is a ‘Mind Warrior’ and what it means to be one.